How to make your kitchen kids-friendly?

How to make your kitchen kids-friendly?

We all know the kitchen is for everyone and this is something difficult for all the mommies to keep away their kids from the kitchen. There are lots of things that can burn their hands or cause an injury so to avoid such things and make that place kids friendly. We have brought some useful tips that help you, people, to design this in the same way as we want. Let’s have a look & do let us know was it helpful for you or not.

Remove tall stools from kitchen

Usually, we keep tall stools in the kitchen which is not good enough for kids because whenever they come to the kitchen they definitely give a try to climbing that cause falling so don’t leave them with this. It’s good to replace stool from the kitchen immediately to avoid any risk.

Countertop edges should be rounded

Make sure countertops edges should be rounded to prevent injuries because of collisions and sharp counter edges are not good for them so make sure you people are paying attention to this on an immediate basis.

Instruct them to stay away from stove

Usually, kids don’t know what is wrong and what is right for them but we always suggest to mommies to instruct their kids from stay away from the stove. They shouldn’t try out this unintentionally. Latest induction cooktops don’t produce heat and you don’t need to supervise all the time. European countries have them in a wide range.

Keep away all the knives & other spoons

If you people have kids at the home then keep away all the knives and sharp edges spoons from them. Keep them in a drawer and make sure drawer handles should be convenient for kids fingers to grab.

Keep away all the spice jars

Usually, kids want to taste everything and there are lots of spices that is not for tasting. Make sure that you people have kept away at some distance to not let them swallow anything

These were some tips that we people need to follow for making kitchen kid-friendly. Kitchen designers in Dorset are keeping design rules in consideration to not make it risky for them. Go and take assistance from experts to avoid all kind of disruptions for kids that can make an injury for them.