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4 Money-Saving DIY Window Cleaning Suggestions!

It is a fact that every single person tries to save money on multiple things. Some households and business persons delay the window cleaning to save money and effort but such saving is of no use as dirty windows cause health problems. Well, saving money on window cleaning is possible through DIY tips that help saving energy, time, and cost. This blog is written to let people know regarding the multiple useful suggestions for cleaning the windows of commercial and residential places.

Remove Dust with Soft Dry Cloth

Cleaning the windows directly with a wet cloth is not a right approach because, in this way, clingy marks may appear on the glass. So, the very first step should be removing all the dust with a dry cloth to avoid any sort of clingy marks. However, make sure to not use a cloth with hard fabric that can cause scratches. The soft fabric works gently and doesn’t affect the seamless appeal of the glass.

Lemon Water

If you want to go for the most money-saving window cleaning tip then lemon water should be your first choice as it only needs few lemons and a bucket of clean water. Mixing both things and washing the debris from windows are easy chores and do not need any sort of gloves to wear as well because this mixture doesn’t prove harmful for skin. Well, now you may ask that does it work actually, of course, it does because lemon fights with debris and grime in a wonderful way. However, if the stains are old and hard to clean then you can go for the next step.

Soapy Water

It is also not as expensive as the soap you use at home or dishwashing detergent is fine to mix with water. This mixture removes stains with more strength as compared to the lemon water. Well, if you want the commercial window cleaning in Dunmow then do not underestimate the DIY tips because you can easily ask the cleaning staff in your office to clean the windows by following easy steps. So, you won’t need to hire experts unless your office building is so many floors.

Chemicals and Protectors

The chemicals and protectors are also essential to use. The glass-friendly chemicals basically remove the stains that cannot be removed by using soapy water. On the other side, protectors should be applied at the end when you end up soaking the water from the windows. Protectors not only prevent stains but can resist little strikes too. These tips must be followed in a wise way and make sure to wear a mask on the face before applying chemicals.